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TBYAC 3D coverwebDo You Feel Like You’re Always Going Up the “Down” Escalator?

Most of us feel that way as the years pass and we accumulate more and more stress, more and more responsibilities. The satisfaction of our busy lives turns into an invisible weight on our shoulders that just gets heavier and heavier.

Fortunately, there’s an answer.
(And it isn’t taking the elevator!)

In this fast-reading, 144-page action-oriented glossy guide, Tim Bean and Anne Laing, the UK’s leading longevity and anti-aging experts, share their Master Longevity Plan. In a nutshell, you’ll learn how to de-age…how to turn back your body clock and restore optimal wellbeing and energy.

These are actually the same principles that Tim and Anne have used for years with celebrity clients and public figures like Jemima Khan and Ross Kemp – and they’ll work for you too, because ‘Turn Back Your Age Clock’ includes specific guidance for tailoring these longevity strategies to your unique needs and lifestyle.

Yes, You’ll Look And Feel Wonderful, And Even Better…
…you’ll look and feel wonderful for a lifetime, not just for a few weeks or months: because you’ve mastered how to create a lasting foundation of wellbeing and energy that turns back the clock.

This highly-focused program produces results you’ll start to feel and see immediately. And in just eight weeks, you’ll have implemented steps that can knock 20 years off your biological age!

First, You’ll Test Your Real Age
Your Master Plan starts with thirteen biomarker self-assessments – quick checks you do yourself, in the privacy of your own home.

These objective, research-based self-assessments tell you your real age – not your chronological age. You’ll discover where you’re ahead of the crowd, and where you can strengthen your personal foundation. You’ll check everything from posture and balance to lung and heart capacity, memory and much, much more – because a life well-lived isn’t just about your pants size.

Then: Your Eight-Week Master Plan Begins!
Armed with new insights into your own abilities and potential, you embark on your eight-week plan.

Tim and Anne spell out key priorities for each week that help you align your activity level, what you eat, and how you think so that you successfully establish a foundation for a lifetime.

You get their hints, tips and tricks (like CBOs – check the handy list on page 90!) to help you quickly master that week’s focus. (And you’ll never guess how they want you to use your computer!)

Your Longevity Toolbox Will Last A Lifetime
Tim and Anne also share their expert insights with crucial advanced concepts like:

  • The Anti-Aging Workout & The Rejuvenator Circuit – essential de-aging tools that help you reset your body clock back to optimal health, inside and out
  • Personal Default Positions – what they are, why they matter – and how to tell if they’re helping or hurting your wellbeing
  • The Rejuvenator Principles – the seven principles that form the foundation of your life – improved!
  • The Four Stages of Health – a thought-provoking take on how to decide how well you’re really living

The Authors – Tim Bean And Anne Laing
Wellness and longevity experts Tim Bean and Anne Laing show busy people like you how to optimize longevity and the brain+body connection by fine-tuning your physical and mental capacity.

They speak with the credibility that comes only from personal triumph in facing and overcoming their own health challenges, backed by the unhesitating authority of years of professional practice in health and wellness helping clients battle the health issues caused by sedentary, stressful lives.

In addition to training celebrity clients, corporate executives and other public figures who require confidentiality and discretion, they hosted the globally-televised “Turn Back Your Body Clock” with appearances on Discovery Health, The Lorraine Kelly Show, CBS News, BBC3/4, Good Morning Television and other global media.