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Fuel Your Weight Loss With Colour…

By Anne Laing:

The latest overwhelming evidence now links obesity with malnutrition!

We all respond to colour at an emotional level; a vivid blue sky, a bright red sports car, or a rich green forest – and there are good reasons for this. Colours are primal signals that help us survive and thrive on this planet, but they also balance our body, mind and emotions.

So, why do we think it’s a smart idea to shun colour when it comes to our food?

Everywhere you look, whether it be a patisserie, take-away or restaurant, the predominant colour of food being offered is beige, brown or a sickly off-white…

Besides being boring, beige foods are generally nutritionally deficient and yet this is still the predominant colour many people have on their plates.

It’s exceptionally easy to fuel your weight-loss by eating a highly coloured diet of vegetables and lean proteins, yet it evades so many.

These Nutrient-Dense Foods (NDF’s) help you meet your daily requirements for a host of essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals and enzymes – and to curb cravings.

Best of all they will make you feel great and accelerate fat-loss.

“Eat Clean -Train Dirty”