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A Proven Formula That Will Never Change…

By Anne Laing

With the London marathon looming ever closer, and for those of you who simply love exercise, I want to remind you of an old, yet very persistent, myth….

“As long as you’re training hard, it does not matter what you eat.”

Realistically, there is just no way that someone can train hard on a poor diet, and still keep their health – even those who say they can do it through having good genetics!

Retired athletes, who have never learned how to follow a sound nutrition plan, typically balloon out to monstrous proportions once exercise has been reduced or removed from their daily regime.

Nutrition will always be 80%, and workouts will always be the 20%, of time and effort you need to assign to staying in shape– and staying healthy.

But having said that, the 20% of exercise is not negotiable… ‘It’s the gold in a metal ring.’

It is part of the whole package and this is what’s really necessary for long-term strength, body shape, a sharp mind, and excellent internal health, no matter what age you are.

We have talked about the 4 simple things necessary for a remarkable body transformation for years and years now. Here they are once again –

1. Nutrition (diet, food intake, supplementation)

2. Strength and/or Resistance Training (free weights, machines, bodyweight training)

3. Cardiovascular work (intervals, sprints, strategic aerobic exercise)

4. Hormonal balance (keeping track of, and optimising, your hormones as you age)

This is a proven formula that will NEVER change. Nobody can mindlessly eat just anything, maintain a great physique, and hope to keep their health. It just does not happen…