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Why ‘Bums on Seats’ Could Cost You Dearly…

By Anne Laing

It never ceases to amaze me how ‘health and safety’ these days is more about preventing people doing foolish things to themselves, and almost nothing by comparison about how they can look after their health, improve productivity, earning power and personal longevity at work.

Technology has chained us to our chairs and frozen our bodies. On top of this, inertia takes it toll and we become more and more prone to inactivity.

Without the freedom to move throughout the day, we will not win the battle of obesity, inactivity and ill health for our employees, because without movement the metabolism becomes dormant.

Furthermore, top executives who don’t become more actively involved in preventative care, and who allow the provision of poor food choices, end up contributing to the damage inflicted on energy, performance, and mental and physical wellbeing.

*Future Thought: The day will come soon in occupations that require periods of uninterrupted sitting time, where failure to provide protective countermeasures to offset the detrimental effects will become unlawful, and businesses culpable.