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Are You Showing Your Age?

By Anne Laing

Scientists have finally confirmed what insomniacs, new parents and jet-lagged travellers have known for years; a bad night’s sleep will inevitably show on your face!

While chronic lack of sleep has been linked to medical problems such as obesity, cancer and immune deficiency, skin hasn’t had much of a mention.

We have an essential body clock, which must be kept regular.

The circadian rhythm, as it is better known, is where our body has a rhythm of repair and restoration and every cell within it is hardwired to follow a specific 24-hour maintenance programme; Protection during the daylight hours, and repair, maintenance and renewal at night.

This process is controlled by the hypothalamus, a master controlling gland in your brain, which then communicates with each cell in the body to keep them working as they should, and when they should.

Scientists looking at skin discovered what best can be described as a ‘nocturnal purge’. This is a process of cleaning-out and cleaning-up of internal debris and pollutants that would otherwise attack healthy cells causing malfunctions and accelerated ageing.

Continued poor eating and disrupted sleep patterns knock this rhythm of repair out of sync, reducing the skins ability to bounce back and to heal itself.

Beautiful skin always comes from within, so keep the “Daily Eights” up;

  • 8 hours sleep,
  • 8 coloured vegetables,
  • 8 glasses of chemical-free water!