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Sweat The Small Stuff!

By Anne Laing
Successful people make fundamental decisions over and over every day.  These are decisions that aren’t necessarily major or dramatic in their execution, but rather in their effect – small things, but things that are important in principle nonetheless.


Because they are small decisions, they are easy to make – but they are also easy NOT to make as well.

The difference in whether you choose to implement them or not lies in whether your mission is truly aligned with your actions.

When it comes down to your health, performance and longevity, are your actions around exercise, nutrition and recovery congruent with your desire to personally excel and consistently perform at the top of your game?

Successful people take responsibility for their actions, and recognise that it’s the small stuff that counts.

Often you’ll find where your health is concerned, that if you sweat the small stuff, the big stuff will take care of itself.